Student Waiver


Please read the following in its entirety. This document (“Waiver”) sets out the terms and conditions that govern service(s) provided to you as an individual (“You”, “Your”) by Phoenix Community Yoga (“Us”, “We”, “Our”, “PCY”).

By signing this Waiver, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with the terms of the Waiver.

Code of Conduct

I have carefully read Phoenix Community Yoga Policy, Procedures + Code of Conduct Guide (“Policies”) and agree to be bound by these Policies.

Our Code of Conduct is based upon the Yamas (Disciplines) + Niyamas (Observances) laid out below, applying to ourselves and the well-being of others. This Code of Conduct applies to our in-person and virtual community and interactions.


Ahimsa - Compassion
- I practice compassion towards myself + others, encouraging an environment of support
- I hold space without judgement or criticism


Satya - Truthfulness
- I speak and practice with open honesty
- I respect the confidentiality others entrust in me


Asteya - Courtesy
- I arrive on time and am ready + present to contribute 
- I choose to abstain from gossip, so as not to contribute to negative energy


Brahmacharya - Healthy Use of Energy
- I bring positive energy + try to resolve concerns with integrity (off-days happen)
- Each person + the space are sacred. I treat all in a respectful + safe manner


Aparigraha - Generosity
- I act in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and transparency
- I am inclusive and courteous, doing what I can to ensure all feel welcome


Saucha - Purity
- I practice cleanliness by treating myself and the community space as a temple
- I share health + safety concerns with Glowithin for the well-being of all


Santosha - Contentment
- I accept this space, myself and honour my strengths + weaknesses
- I am my authentic self and I seek to empower others to also do soI meet myself where I’m at


Tapas - Self-Care
- I seek support where needed, and support others as requested
- I use my best judgement + if I have questions or am struggling, I know I can ask for help


Svadhyaya - Self-Awareness
- I welcome self-reflection for my growth, and I respect others who are also doing the same
- I ask questions + offer feedback if requested, and empower others to also do the same


Ishvara Pranidhana - Self-Surrender
- I approach experiences + lessons with open minded curiosity
- I remember I am a Divine Being, and respect this divinity in others

Anti-harassment Policy

We have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for harassment and will fully investigate any complaint. We also have ‘zero tolerance’ for retaliation against anyone who brings forward a harassment complaint. 

Everyone in our community is entitled to an environment free of harassment, and we will make every reasonable effort to ensure such an environment exists. This pertains to all environments and interactions, to include; in-person and online.  


Harassment includes: 
- Generally harassment is behaviour that persists over time, but can also be single events
- Discrimination in reference to race, religion, sex, age, disability or any other grounds for discrimination
- Unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends, intimidates or threatens you
- Sexual harassment - any conduct, comment, gesture, or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation

Anti-retaliation and Grievance Policy

We ask that you please immediately notify Phoenix Community Yoga should a violation of the Code of Conduct or our Anti-Harassment policy arise, so it may be documented and resolved appropriately, and in accordance with governing laws. You may notify the aforementioned in writing or verbally.


We will not disclose the name of the complainant or the circumstances related to the complaint to any person unless disclosure is necessary for the purposes of investigating the complaint or taking disciplinary measures in relation to the complaint. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you can ask another to bring the concern forward on your behalf. Please note if you choose to remain anonymous, it restricts the actions we are able to take and will only be able to speak to the general community.


Please remember, actions that go un-notified will often persist. Everyone has the right to make a complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act or with Yoga Alliance.