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Our Karma

Phoenix community yoga is committed to bringing yoga to all, regardless of their physical and or financial ability. We know that this ancient art has the power to heal and transform our society, beginning in the heart of the individual.


Through our community outreach program, we are able bring yoga into communities that would not otherwise have access to these life-changing practices. Our dedicated teachers selflessly give their time to ensure anyone can receive the benefits of yoga. 

Phoenix's community outreach is supported financially by the proceeds from our teacher trainings and by generous people like you. Please consider supporting our karma work so that we can continue to reach into communities around Vancouver. 

Our Outreach Partners

Beauty Models

We offer weekly walk-in classes at the Vancouver's Women's Health Collective, a space dedicated to the wellness of self-identified women. Our resident teacher provides a trauma-informed approach to yoga with the intent of sharing a safe and accessible practice space with the community.

Rock Maze
Addiction Recovery Program

We offer a weekly trauma-informed yoga class at Emerge Addiction Recovery Program to support participants in their journey in recovery. Yoga uses grounding, movement and breath work to support and balance the nervous system. Through this, we assist 
participants in processing and releasing emotionally charged experiences and provide tools for promoting safety, security, and coping.  

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Vancouver Women's Health Collective
Atira Women's Society

We offer a bi-weekly class at Atira Women's Society's - Enterprising Women Making Art program. Designed to support the process of self-expression through movement, and connection, our trauma-informed classes
encourage balance in the nervous system. We support present-state awareness as a way to empower women to notice what makes them feel safer and more balanced and use these discoveries as tools in decision making, coping, and healing.