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Biotensegrity - 25 Hours

Biotensegrity, a term coined by Dr. Stephen Levin, is the application of tensegrity principles to biological structures. The term tensegrity is itself a portmanteau of “tensional integrity,” a system in which the structural integrity of solid structures (rods, beams, etc.) is maintained by the tension of cords or cables.

Biotensegrity then, refers to the structural integrity of the human body, which also relies on these principles. Bones maintain their positional structure through the tension of fascia, ligaments and tendons. Even the human spine, which seems at first glance like a stack of vertebrae resting on each other, is actually a tensegrity structure. 

Program Overview

In Biotensegrity, we dive deep into the cutting-edge science of fascia and the theory that pulls it all together to open the doors of perception in your practice. 

Understanding the principles of biotensegrity helps you to consider the human body as a connected whole as opposed to as a collection of disparate parts.


You will begin to feel the body as being held together by the intelligent web of our fascia and to practice in an enquiry-based way. This means constantly assessing what your continuously changing bodies need with every breath. This inside-out way of thinking leads to more interoceptive practicing, teaching and cueing.


This training will be a mixture of anatomy and creativity, thinking and movement, mess-making and orderly thought. And there will be games, scientific experiments, doodling and crafts!

Upon Completion

After receiving your certificate, you can count it towards your continuing education units with Yoga Alliance and towards your 300/500-hour Phoenix Community Yoga certificate. In addition, you may integrate aspects of biotensegrity into your teaching method if you are already a 200-hour certified instructor.

  • The science and anatomy of human fascia

  • The principles of tensegrity and biotensegrity, and their histories

  • The art of interoceptive practice

  • The science of myofascial self-release

  • The new educational paradigm of heterarchy

  • How to apply biotensegrity to your chosen style of Yoga

  • The benefits of bringing biotensegrity into the Yoga studio

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Upcoming Trainings
November 12, 13, 14
Fri, 5 - 9p (online)
Sat Sun, 8a - 5p (in person)

Send your $300 deposit to reserve your spot

Tuition and Payment Plans

$680 - ($300 non-refundable deposit + $346 + 5% GST [$34])


To inquire about rates and payment plans, please contact

Typically, the final payment must be made before the training start date, but we do consider special circumstances on a case-by case basis.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

$300 deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another program or workshop.


Up to two weeks prior to training, any payments (less the $300 non-refundable deposit) may be returned to you. Withdrawals with less than 2 weeks notice before the start date will be refunded up to 50%.


After the training start date, no refunds will be made.

*Exceptions are at the discretion of the Board of Directors and YTT Coordinators.